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Describing my world to you needs structure. What is the world about? For me, it's easy to think in terms of substance and essence:

( substance ) X ( essence ) = ( Agents, Things, Places, Events, Topics ) X ( Needs, Goals, Ideas, Plans, Steps, Tasks, Works ) ?

A game that can give +10 years of life:

Recent Interests

While I'm currently mainly focusing on developing the infinity think-tank, below are the things that I would be very motivated to work on right now:


I would like to reduce humanity's existential risk.

There are several likely and severe events that could happen, like nuclear winter, or wide-range electronics outage, global pandemic, runaway climate change, superintelligence out of control, and there are others, which are extremely unlikely, like gamma ray bursts, for preventing our extinction on which, we could still do something, like creating a self-sustaining human colony deeper in the oceans.

Organizations like FLI, FHI, CSER, focus on work to reduce such risks, and I would love to work with these organizations, and all others who care about the long-term prospects of mankind.


It's not just about saving lives, it might also be the more realistic macroscopic ways to time travel to the future. I have some ideas for it, such as emergency device for quick access to carotid arteries to pump artificial blood through brain when patient is about to die from cause other than brain damage, high pressure cryonics to preserve with low density Ice III, cryo-cymatics to use randomized ultrasound and microwave patterns to control crystalization and temperature, as well as a cryonics prize for someone who freezes and revives a mouse.

Organizations like Alcor, Cryonics Institute, The Institute for Evidence-Based Cryonics focus on these problems, and I would love to work with them and all others who want to advance cryonics.


Education is a prerequisite for all technologies. I have one idea for gamification of education and work, that could do to education what evacuated tube transport could to for transportation. What's more important?

Ideas & Computing

I do consulting. I love the technical work, but only for realizing interesting ideas.

Want to be friends? Write me (GPG:5F5CC7AD)